Our History

A Historic Building with Character

The historic building at 213 Chestnut, where the Marketplace resides, has long been an important landmark. Built in 1910 to manufacture Raymond Overalls, the factory began manufacturing Ides Dresses in the 1920’s and then upscale Jonathon Logan Dresses in the 1930’s.

Entrepreneurs with Character and an Historic Building
Owners Bob & Rusty Turrell initially purchased the building as a retail furniture outlet. After 16 years, they realized that the character of the building would be a perfect fit for antique and collectible dealers. Bob says that the ever-changing inventory is much more exciting than the same mattresses and furniture sets that they were selling as a retail furniture outlet.

Days Past
There are reminders of the buildings past everywhere; with lovingly restored pictures of rows of women behind their sewing machines, an antique telephone, and windows that still frame the Catskill Mountains on the other side.

Experience and Appreciation
49 years of retail experience and an appreciation for antiques and collectibles are the fundamental reasons for their success. Despite the time of year or the hot and cold weather in Central New York, customers and dealers alike can always expect to be greeted warmly at the Marketplace On Chestnut.